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  L RODS for dowsing

The L rods for dowsing are 24K gold plated. Come with a handy power module that clips on the user's belt, and is powered by a 9 volt battery.

The power module connects to the dowsing rods with a "Y" cable. With the power module, you do not need special dowsing skills to operate the rods and locate successfully.

Apart from standalone operation, our set
of L rods are a perfect replacement
for the worn out antennas of the older long range locators, frequency generators and other long distance locator projects.


The electrical current from power module that flows inside the dowsing L rods amplifies the signals that would otherwise be missed
by the user. The rods are gold plated, not to be oxidized and loose their sensitivity, they are extremely sensitive and friction free.
Each rod has a balance weight on it's tip, for stable operation.

When used on the field, they lock at the target direction. Several readings can be taken to center the target, for depth determination. The rods operate either standalone even from amateur dowsers, or can be coupled with long range locators, dowsing instruments, frequency generators, molecular frequency gold detectors. They are an excellent upgrade for old dowsing gold locators with poor quality or worn out antennas.

Receiving Antenna L Rods – The Dowsing L Rods are powered by the Power Module, they are 45 cm long and plated with a special gold layer that is not suffering oxidation from the human skin PH. The purpose of the Rods is to indicate to the operator that he 

or she has faced the energy line between the user and the target. The dowsing antennas are normally held steady and balanced at waist level, and slightly in front of the operator.

They are held pointed in a forward direction parallel to each other, and at a distance of 8 to 18 inches apart. What each individual needs to discover is just what distance best relates to themselves. This decision will be by trial and error.
Remember that an individual who is relaxed and calm will operate the dowsing antennas more successfully than one who is tense and rigid. The rods will cross naturally by themselves when you enter the target energy line.
When it first happens for you, you will learned to anticipate success and will welcome it when it happens!

Power Module -- This unit's purpose is to power the Antenna L Rods. This way the system is not self-potential. By increasing user bio-energy, the power module permits everyone to be a successful user, even those that do not have dowsing ability. The unit contains a 9VDC battery for a power supply. The battery condition is displayed when you short circuit the rods together, if no sound is heard it’s time to change the battery.

To replace the 9 volt battery, simply open the module by rotating the bottom cap off. The power module is turned on when
the receiving Antenna Rods are plugged in the Power Module's receptacle. When not in use, unplug the dowsing rods from the Power Module! Storing the Power Module with the Rods plugged in will drain the 9 volt battery. Do not allow the antennas to touch each other while attached to the module as this will short out the battery also!

Why gold plated L rods?
- As we read on dowsing books, a dowser needs a "sample" to hold.
This "sample" is a piece of the same metal that he is searching to find.
When searching for gold, the L rods must be in contact with gold. When both
L rods are gold plated,
the reaction for gold is improved - plus there is not a need for a sample
- The L rod handles do not get oxidized from usage, therefore an excellent
contact with dowser's hands is maintained.
- The power module's current flows much better through gold.
Gold compared to other metals has the best electrical conductivity.

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